Szaqql’s adventures in Train Driver 2

Szaqql posted a video of one of his play sessions as a drive on the forums. We’ve reposted it here below. At 80mins, it’s a long one, so we’ve made a list of interesting timestamps

  • 16m – Uncoupling carriages
  • 21m – Get off the tracks!
  • 27m – Recoupling at the other end of the carriages
  • 34m – Arriving at Krynica
  • 37m – Swapping ends again
  • 49m – Back to Jastrzebie-Zdroj, few more people there now
  • 1h12m – Shunting at Laski


Tegan handles models, textures and all the admin stuff. By day, she works on Train Driver and other projects. By night, she is a slayer of dragons, zombies and all manner of other beasties.

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