First Multiplayer Demo

We wanted to demonstrate how the multiplayer will function in Train Driver 2 and Station Master.
We have:

  • A PC with Windows 7 running the Station Master mode
  • A PC with Windows 7 running Train Driver 2
  • A laptop with Windows 8 running Train Driver 2
  • An Android 4.3.1 tablet running Train Driver 2 (It should run on Android 4.0+)

In our example, Station Master was started first, and as the Train Driver 2 clients started up, they connected across the local network and the station and all trains appeared on every screen. The Station Master flipped a pair of switches, and flipped the right signal for the laptop client to go. The laptop client started off, and the tablet, and both PC clients show the train moving away from the station. Once the laptop train was far enough away, the Station Master flipped the switches and signals to direct the tablet train to go. Again, this updated on all clients.

We hope you enjoy your first peek at the multiplayer experience of Train Driver 2 and Station Master!

We also promise to film the next one in the daytime for better lighting :)



Tegan handles models, textures and all the admin stuff. By day, she works on Train Driver and other projects. By night, she is a slayer of dragons, zombies and all manner of other beasties.

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