First Alpha Test

On Sunday morning we got up early for our first alpha test with some of Marcin’s train enthusiast buddies in Poland. We uploaded a testing build for them, and jumped on Teamspeak while everyone had a go at playing the game, as both train driver and station master. Now I can’t speak much Polish, but judging from the maniacal laughter coming from Marcin, everyone had a great time. And more importantly, it uncovered some bugs and things for us to fix, which is great, and the whole point of the testing session.

What was even better was the social aspect. Everyone had a great time interacting with the others At one point they were discussing one of the Controllers who did not have a microphone and was pulling all the wrong levers. We’ll definitely be writing a user manual XD

We’ll be looking at holding another testing event in a few weeks time, when we’ve fixed Sunday’s bugs, and the whole thing is a bit more stable (and my exams are over).

And thanks to all the guys who came to test with us! Dziękuję bardzo!



Tegan handles models, textures and all the admin stuff. By day, she works on Train Driver and other projects. By night, she is a slayer of dragons, zombies and all manner of other beasties.

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