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Fan-made trailer for Lisków

Check out this fantastic trailer made by Mikson and Matek_9292 for their station Lisków! We hope you enjoy it as…

A day at Tarnów

Tarnów, by kam55, is based on a real place in Poland. Below are some maneuvers at the station, as another player…

Szaqql’s adventures in Train Driver 2
a picutre of some trains

Szaqql posted a video of one of his play sessions as a drive on the forums. We’ve reposted it here…

Krynica by Coyotek
A picture of a train station

I was browsing through stations taking some screenshots when I stumbled onto this little station by Coyotek. Krynica is based…

Święta Katarzyna – Another Tester Masterpiece

Pitek has created this brilliant station: Święta Katarzyna. He’s added a ton of new models to Train Driver 2 and…

Supporting Development
The supporter's ICC skins

Hey there everyone! As you may (or may not) be aware, the 0.8.0e build introduced an option for supporting the…

Facebook Fanpage

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been away for so long, I had exams! And now they’re over! Forever! Mwahahaha! Yay! Whew….

More cool stuff using the Train Driver 2 API
Paweł's station sim hooked up to Train Driver 2

Paweł managed to connect Train Driver 2 to his existing station simulator (website here), and it’s been well recieved by…

Train Driver 2 API
Matek's interface for controlling stations

Our testers also love to tinker, so Marcin has been working on an API so players can build their own…

Train Races and Screenshots
Newag Impuls 37WE

Pitek and Söderåsens decided to have a little race. 37WE Impuls (Pitek) vs EU07 (Söderåsens), with Tusik as the controller:…

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