We had some popular requests with the original Train Driver, so here we are answering some questions we think you might ask

  1. Will there be freight missions?

    Yes! We’ve got a system which lets you pick up freight from one location and leave it at others. There might even be shunting involved. Currently it depends on the dispatcher. They can assign you a timetable and you can haul freight to other stations. It still needs a bit of work, but the basics are there

  2. Will there be multiplayer?

    Yes! At the moment, we only have multiplayer! Multiplayer is between Drivers and Dispatchers. As you drive in Train Driver 2, the game will automatically connect you to a random (or not) available Dispatcher. The Dispatcher will receive a notification of your impending arrival, where you’re coming from, and your destination. They can then flip switches and signals to route you through their station. After you’ve passed through, you’ll be able to connect with other stations.

  3. Will multiplayer have voice comms?

    We aren’t ruling it out. Our testers have organised their own Teamspeak channel

  4. Will there be a free drive mode?

    We have not really looked into this yet, but we definitely will be

  5. Will we be able to swap between interior and exterior view?

    Yes! We will have a few different views available. We have even implemented a feature in cab view so that if you move over to the window, the camera will automatically move outside.

  6. Wait, so does that mean we’ll be able to move around the cab?

    Yes! And not only that. You’ll also be able to move around outside the train while stopped at a station.

  7. How many locomotives are there?

    We currently have 2 drivable Polish trains – the EU07 locomotive and 31WE electric multiple unit, in a few different liveries.

  8. What other kinds of rolling stock are there?

    We have several kinds of passenger carriages, and have models for various freight carriages. We’ve just got to give them a fresh coat of paint before they’re good to go!

  9. Will there be specific localisations for Train Driver 2? Like USA or Japan?

    Maybe. We are thinking of possibly doing a UK localisation depending on how our upcoming Kickstarter campaign is doing. This will be a good bridge to work on other localisations down the track.

  10. Will we be able to make/upload our own tracks?

    This is part of our editor function. Currently, you can change the station and in a limited way, the route between stations, though it’s only pine forest at the moment. It still needs a lot of work

  11. What’s that language that’s everywhere? Why isn’t there English?

    That’s Polish. Train Driver 2 is based on an older Polish railway system, and many of our testers are Polish, and some even work with actual trains, providing us with highly detailed information. We’ll be adding English too. Other languages will be added when we can get translations, especially for the correct terminology.

  12. Why aren’t the speeds posted in miles per hour?

    Because the metric system is better in every way ;)

  13. Will it be free?

    No. Development costs money, as well as the multiplayer servers running after all ;) There is a free demonstration mode though.

  14. So where will I be able to buy it?

    We’re looking at publishing the game on Steam. We’ll post it to Greenlight when it’s nearer to completion. In the meantime, the development builds are available for testing, but be warned, things can and will break. You can also help support the development of TD2 by purchasing a lifetime sub for 5€

  15. So what’s this lifetime sub? What’s it for? What do I get out of it?

    For more information about the premium sub, see this post!

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