A collection of screenies by Söderåsens

Söderåsens loves to decorate her station, and has done an amazing job of making it look totally awesome. Here’s some…

A new screenie by Tusik
Having fun while testing

Tusik was happy to show us another screenshot of some of the fun he’s been having testing Train Driver 2….

Some screenshots from our testers
Passing another player between stations

We’ve been hard at work, and so have our testers. The crew has been having a blast, even at this…

New Train Model – 31WE Newag Impulse

Got another juicy model to show off – the 31WE Nowag Impulse. You’ll be able to drive this one, and…

New train model – SA132

Working hard on making lots of models. My most recent one is the SA132 Railbus. You won’t be able to…

Heightmap Comparison

Decided to play around with heightmaps some more after the success of the EU07 heightmap. The signalbox was my victim…

First Alpha Test

On Sunday morning we got up early for our first alpha test with some of Marcin’s train enthusiast buddies in…

Second Multiplayer Demo

This is a demonstration of how the desktop version of Station Master will look like.

A couple of Screenies

One of the things people loved about Train Driver 1 was it’s nice scenery. With Train Driver 2, we’re improving…

First Multiplayer Demo

We wanted to demonstrate how the multiplayer will function in Train Driver 2 and Station Master. We have: A PC…

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