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Explore the wonderful world of Polish rail with Train Driver 2. TD2 is a cooperative rail simulator for PC. Not only can players drive trains, but they can also play the role of dispatchers, controlling their own custom-built stations.

Train Driver 2 is mostly based on the old Polish rail system (we do have some modern systems), so we have a lot of mechanical things that need to be operated manually. Throwing switches, locking in routes and flipping signals can all be done manually, both from within the signalbox or out in the yard.

That’s right, you can leave the signalbox and roam around your station! Drivers can also exit their cabs to help with switching, uncoupling and recoupling cars (essential for shunting). Using the editor, you can make your station as easy or challenging as you like, it’s your station! Our community so far have created a great variety of stations both based on real locations, or are entirely fictional. The care and detail they put into their stations is amazing.

We also have a few locomotives for drivers to choose from, and those have a few skins each. We have a range of passenger and freight cars which you can hook up to locomotivess to shunt around and haul to other stations.

Dispatchers have total control over their stations, like a dungeon master from D&D. They can generate and assign timetables to drivers which connect to their station from a central lobby. Drivers and dispatchers can communicate with each other, not just by the signs and signals, but by the chat system too. Some of our players have even collaborated on building stations together, one laying the tracks and signals, the other making it look beautiful. They even arrange cooperative play sessions, where they have a circuit of dispatchers, draw up a timetable and send all the drivers on their way.

Train Driver 2 was built in Unity, using Photon for the multiplayer. We also have an API which our testers have used to integrate their own programs to control their stations externally.

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy Train Driver 2!

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