Supporting Development

As of 0.8.0e build we introduced an option for supporting the development of this project.

Why did we do this?

  • There have been a lot of times that people have been unable to play, as the server had a maximum of 20 concurrent users
  • To increase server space, we need cash
  • Our funding comes from our customers, namely you
  • Once we get enough, we’ll upgrade the server space

We updated the servers around Christmas time. They can currently have 100 concurrent users, and have a maximum of 20 free slots, the rest reserved for our supporters

So what do you get from supporting us?

  • Priority access to the server for the duration of development. If it starts to fill up, supporters will be first in line for server space.
  • Lifetime access to the PKP Intercity (ICC) skins for the EU07 locomotive and 111a and 112a passenger carriages (specifically the EU07-334, 111a_icc and 112a_icc prefabs)
  • A nice hat icon for the forums, though you may need to manually set your primary group to Supporter to display it

Payment Options

  • Use the forum’s subscription service to help us. The amount for this option is 5€. Go to your account profile, and click on the Actions tab. From here, you’ll be able to subscribe to a Supporter account. This method is instantly activated, and you’re placed in the Supporter group right away.
  • If you are in Poland and would rather pay in PLN to help us, you can instead wire the amount directly to Uetam so he can maintain the costs involved in hosting the forums etc. The amount for this option is 20zł. His special purpose account number is: 63 1020 5558 0000 8302 3121 6180. Send it with your forum username in the details. Taking this method means Uetam will manually have to put you in the Supporter group, which he’ll do once the transfer goes through (likely overnight)

And thanks for all your help! :D

Here’s what the skins look like :)

The supporter's ICC skins

The supporter’s ICC skins

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