An EU07 locomotive


The EU07 locomotive is a mixed traffic locomotive, and is used for both passenger and freight. It also has a cab at either end. This 80 ton beast can pull 650 ton passenger trains at speeds of up to 125 km/h. For freight, it can pull up to 2000 ton at speeds of up to 70km/h. The EU07 is currently the harder locomotive to control.

How to control the EU07

A picture of the UI for the EU07

The UI for the EU07

The Basics

The EU07 is more complicated than the Impuls to control.

  1. Main Trottle – Move the tab downward to make the locomotive accelerate. When first moving off, move the tab to the very first position after ‘0’ and leave it until the power bar moves from red to yellow and rises. After this it is safe to accelerate faster, but be careful not to draw too much power and flip the breaker!
  2. Field Shunt – This can only be used when the main throttle is in the ‘S’ or ‘R’ positions. It makes the train go faster. Be careful not to draw too much power and flip the breaker!
  3. Circuit Breaker – This appears when you draw too much power and the breaker flips. To fix this, stop drawing power by moving the Main Throttle and Field Shunt to the ‘0’ positions, then flip the breaker back
  4. Swap Cabs – Moves you to the other cab in the locomotive, should you need to need to go in reverse
  5. Speedometer – Shows how fast you are going in km/h
  6. Locomotive Brake Release – Used when you need to make the locomotive brakes release faster. It’s also used when decoupling cars from the locomotive. More on this will come in the shunting tutorial
  7. Main Brakes – These brakes affect the whole train, and are the ones used most commonly. ‘R’ is the release, ‘C’ is the cutoff, and ‘E’ is the Emergency Brake. To release the main brakes by moving the brakes to the N (neutral) or R positions
  8. Locomotive Brakes – Brakes for the Locomotive only, these are mostly used in shunting. More on this will come in the shunting tutorial
  9. Timetable – tells you where you are going. The next station is always at the top of the list
  10. Alerter – Like in the Impulse, the alerter will flash and sound a buzzer. Hit the space bar to shut it off. If you fail to do so in time, it will stop the train, and you won’t be able to do anything again until it’s come to a complete stop

The Dashboard

A picture of the EU07 dashboard

The EU07 dashboard

It looks a bit daunting at first, but for now we’ve marked what’s important:

  1. Alerter Shutoff – pushing this button will shut off the alerter if you don’t feel like using the spacebar
  2. Head Lights
    • The middle one if for the light at the top of the chassis. It has 2 modes – Off and On
    • The left and right ones control the left and right lights indiviually. They each have three modes: Off, On, and Red
      A picture of a lightswitch
    • When driving, flip the lights in the forward cabin to On, and the rear cabin to Red.

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