Newag Impuls
Newag Impulse 37WE

Newag Impulse 37WE

The Newag Impuls is a new series of trains in operation in Poland. Designed and produced exclusively in Poland, the Impuls is used solely for local passenger services in many parts of the country. There are several variants, and all of them have a maximum operating speed of 160km/h, and the 31WE set a record of 211.6km/h.

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The 31WE is the model which set the speed record for vehicles designed and produced solely in Poland at 211.6km/h. The 31WE has 4 units, 2 engine and 2 passenger cars. At 74.4m, the 31WE has a carrying capacity 465 passengers (202 seated).

Newag Impuls 31WE

Newag Impuls 31WE


This variant is the smallest of the Impuls family (at 42.4m), with only 2 engine cabs joined back to back. Their carrying capacity is 265 passengers (120 seated).

Newag Impuls 37WE

Newag Impuls 37WE

How to control the Impuls

UI for the Impulse

UI for the Impulse

The Basics

The Impulse series are the easiest trains to drive, as you can see.

  1. Throttle – simply move the tab here to accelerate forward, ease back to maintain speed
  2. Brake – move the tab here to slow down and stop
  3. Emergency Brake – for when you need to stop in a hurry
  4. Timetable – tells you where you are going. The next station is always at the top of the list
  5. Swap Cabs – moves you to the cab on the other end of the train, if you need to go in reverse
  6. Alerter – Gotta keep you alert. If you see these lights flash or hear the buzzer, hit the space bar to shut it off!

Additional Features

Click on the screen left of the throttle to turn the external cameras off/on. Be warned, this may make your game a little choppy!

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