Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Train Driver 2: Trainmaster! We’ve made this quick start guide, so you can get playing quickly without wondering what you should be doing

  1. Logging In
  2. Driver Mode
  3. Dispatcher Mode
  4. Builder Mode

Logging In

  1. You’ve probably logged into a million different things before
  2. Sign in using your forum account to access multiplayer
A picture of the login screen

The Login Screen

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Driver Mode

Getting into the game

There are two ways to get into the game in Driver mode.

To play a scenario:

  1. If you want to try the demonstration scenario, select ‘Driver’ then select ‘Scenariusz demonstracyjny’ from the menu (Yes, the name is in Polish, yes, we’ll be changing this)
  2. Click ‘Play’ and let it load
A picture of The Scenario Select Scene

The Scenario Select Scene

To join a session:

  1. Select join session.
  2. The game will get a list of available sessions from the server. These sessions are Dispatcher players
    Make sure the default presets checkbox is checked (this will load you into a 37WE, one of our easiest trains to drive
  3. From here, choose a session from the list, and pick an available signal to start from, or choose ‘Join Random’
A picture of the Join Session Screen

The Join Session Screen

Once you’re in

The Newag Impuls 37WE is the easiest train for new players to drive. Here’s what your interface looks like:

UI for the Impulse

UI for the Impulse

  1. Throttle – simply move the tab here to accelerate forward, ease back to maintain speed
  2. Brake – move the tab here to slow down and stop
  3. Emergency Brake – for when you need to stop in a hurry
  4. Timetable – tells you where you are going. The next station is always at the top of the list
  5. Swap Cabs – moves you to the cab on the other end of the train, if you need to go in reverse
  6. Alerter – Gotta keep you alert. If you see these lights flash or hear the buzzer, hit the spacebar to shut it off!

When you see the signal change to show this signal, you are clear to go. Move the throttle up to get rolling.

a picture of a train signal

The Sr1 signal

Once you’re confident with the 37WE, you can try the EU07. Be warned though, that one is a bit harder to drive. See the tutorial here for how to drive the EU07

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Dispatcher Mode

We recommend reading this tutorial before trying Dispatcher mode. This takes a bit of trial and error to get get the hang of, but it will get easier as you learn what all the controls do and the layout of your station.

Getting into the game

  1. Select ‘Dispatcher’ in the main menu
  2. Select one of your saved stations. If you haven’t yet created one, then the default station will be there
  3. Click ‘Load’
A picture of the Station Select Screen

The Station Select Screen

Once you’re in

  1. Here’s where the action is! When a new driver connects to your station, you’ll hear a ringing sound. You’ll also see in the chat box what line they are coming in on, at what signal they’ll be arriving at, and what line they need to depart on.
  2. It’s up to you to move the switches and signals to signal the driver to move off
  3. The mantra ‘Switch-Select-Lock-Signal’ Will help you remember which order to do things in!
  4. By clicking on the door of the signalbox, you can venture outside and explore, but be careful, new drivers may connect when you’re away from your post
A picture of some levers

Make sure you push the right ones!

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Builder Mode

No help here! The best fun is working out where things are and how to put them in! Good luck!

A picture of Builder Mode

Builder Mode

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